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Hazardous Waste Facilities Section

The Hazardous Waste Facilities Section is tasked with the oversight of three facilities in the State of Utah that store and/or treat hazardous waste. The section is responsible for issuing and maintaining Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) treatment and storage permits, conducting compliance evaluation inspections, providing oversight during corrective action, and when applicable, ensuring that the facilities are properly closed.

The facilities that the section oversights are:

The facilities are operating under either a Part B Hazardous Waste Permit and/or under interim status (regulatory status prior to permit issuance). The permit or interim status allows the facilities to store hazardous waste generated as part of production processes on-site and/or to treat the waste on-site prior to off-site disposal. None of the facilities regulated by the Hazardous Waste Facilities Section are permitted for on-site disposal of hazardous waste.

In addition to day-to-day hazardous waste management activities, these facilities are required to determine if some level of corrective action is needed at their site. Corrective action activities may be at the early stages of assessing whether past facility practices have resulted in a release or releases to the environment, which may pose a risk to human health, or the environment, or the facility may be actively addressing contamination through remedial measures.

The Hazardous Waste Facilities Section over sights corrective action the following facilities:

The Section is also over sighting correction action at the Utah Test and Training Range (UTTR). UTTR has an operating open burning and open detonation unit and a closed hazardous waste landfill. Compliance and permitting of these units are addressed by the Division's Commercial and Federal Facilities Section.

Other responsibilities that the Section has includes, assisting Utah's regulated community in voluntary cleanups, issuance of emergency permits to address spills and explosive materials, and interpretations of the Utah Solid and Hazardous Waste Act and the Utah Administrative Code.

Hazardous Waste Facilities


Section Contacts

ATK Launch Systems—Bacchus Facility Hao Zhu
ATK Launch Systems—Promontory Jeff Vandel
Deseret Chemical Depot Corrective Action Brad Maulding
Dugway Proving Ground Dave Larsen
Dyno Nobel Bronson Hawley / Jeff Vandel
The Ensign-Bickford Company Hao Zhu / Bronson Hawley
Ninigret Construction (formerly Engelhard Corporation) Jim Lansbarkis / Rolf Johnsson
Utah Test and Training Range Bronson Hawley
Vertellus (formerly Reilly Industries) Rolf Johnsson
Western Zirconium Jim Lansbarkis / Rolf Johnsson
Chevron Products, Salt Lake Refinery Hao Zhu
Tesoro Bronson Hawley

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For more information about the Hazardous Waste Facilities Section, please contact Brad Maulding (801-536-0205).